Dear Nelson

Each time you turn in your journal, you will write a page to me. I'll give you some topics to think about, but basically I just want to hear from you. How is school? How is English? How are things going? How could they be better?


p. 91 - Due 9/12
p. 92 - Due 10/14
p. 93 - Due 12/19

Dear Nelson (91)
Write a letter to your teacher, Mr. Nelson (that’s me). Introduce yourself. Tell me how things are going. How’s English? What do you think so far?

Dear Nelson (92)
All your teachers are going to be giving you a 1st term grade soon. Do the same thing to them. Give all of your classes a first term grade and then provide a rationale for why they earned that grade. 


A1 - Secondary Math 1 - Melville - B+
Melville's a great teacher, but I just don't like math. I have a couple of friends in that class (Joe and Curly), and it's sometimes interesting and fun. I just don't like math. Plus it's tough to stay awake in first period.

A2 - Health - Ross - A-
Mrs. Ross is way cool. She always shares personal stories and it makes the class interesting. Some of the stuff we talk about is uncomfortable, but I don't mind that much. My crush is in this class!!!

A3 - Spanish 2 - Swartz - C
Seriously, I don't know why I took Spanish. I hate Spanish. I should've taken Spanish 1 first, but my friends were in this class, so... Anyway. Seniorita Swartz is super nice, but I'm just lost.

Dear Nelson (93)
Three things. 
  1. Books you've read so far (list them, count them up, write the number BIG).
  2. What you'll be reading over Christmas break.
  3. Speak vs. Monster. Which did you like better and why?