First Impression

We are trying Literature Circles (it's like book club). The goal is to put a good book in your hands, a book you want to read, and then have you discuss it with others who have read the same book.

I want to get out of your way, and just let you read. Not a lot of assignments or projects to get in the way of your reading. Reading is inherently academic, so that (and a little discussion) should be enough, right?

That being said, I'd like you to check in every now and again. Your first "assignment" for these lit circles is to tell me how it's going.
  • Your name
  • Your book
  • What you think of the book
  • What you think of your group
  • What you think of the lit circles format
  • Suggestions
  • Anything else you'd like to tell me

Due 10/8 (A), 10/9 (B)