Risk Pads

Writing Journals are now called Risk Pads. I want to encourage you to take risks. Not physical risks (base jumping) or health risks (drugs). I'm talking about personal risks, emotional risks. Don't risk injury. Risk embarrassment, failure, comfort. Write something real. Challenge yourself. Step outside your comfort zone. My risks won't be the same as your risks.

In your risk pad, pages 78-80 (also known as Uno, Dos, y Tres) will be devoted to risks. I want you to take a risk and write a page about it. What did you do? Why was it a risk for you? Will you ever do it again?

In class you will share one of your risks. You'll get up in front of the class and read your page. (Sharing your risk can't be one of your risks...I know how you guys think.)

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Dance Like Nobody's Watching
Dance Like Nobody's Watching (Airport)
Jeremy Fry (Celtics) - Living on a Prayer
Squints - The Sandlot 
Audi Prom Commercial
The Psychology Behind Taking Risks

a list of risk ideas for that one girl who said she couldn't think of any risks to take because she was really comfortable and things didn't really feel like risks to her