Lost in Paris (Extra Credit Blog)

For extra credit: Write a travel guide to Paris. Write about your latest visit.

Include some of the following phrases somewhere in your post:
  • "...on my first day..."
  • "...the next day..."
  • "...for the next six days..."
  • "Paris was where I tasted..."
  • "Paris was where I bought..."
  • "Paris was where I learned..."
  • "Every morning..."
  • "The man next to me..."
  • "I watched a woman with..."
  • "Wandering Paris was..."
Write about why you came to Paris. What you wanted it to be and what it actually was. Write about your little corner of Paris. Write about the cafes and the rain. Write about the tourists. Write about what you bought and what you didn't buy. Write about the streets and how you felt when you walked through them. Write about yourself when you're in Paris and when you're not.

Maybe I'll show some of these to the next Creative Writing class. So I guess it's sort of a travel guide for future students.

Original New York Times article
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Due Monday, 5/27 @ 11:59pm

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