Thesis Examples

These are the 12 thesis statements we went over in class. Feel free to use one of these or adapt it to fit the position you want to take in this paper.
  • Our society places too much importance on winning, and not enough on having fun and participation.
  • Little League should not be the place where athletes learn how to pick on the weakest kids in order to win.
  • Even if Romney Oaks didn’t have cancer, he should not have been singled out in a little league game for being the weakest hitter.
  • Little League coaches should do what’s in the best interest of the kids, not just whatever it takes to win.
  • Little League should not be dominated by coaching strategy; instead the kids should decide the outcome of the game.
  • Winning is important, but should not be valued above everything else.
  • Little League sports can teach young people lessons about compassion, fairness, and sportsmanship.
  • Little League coaches should try to win, but should place more emphasis on fun and participation.
  • Sports, especially little league sports, can teach players valuable lessons about hard work, fairness, and success.
  • Despite the pain that comes from failure, the lessons we learn from losing can help us improve.
  • Competition, which must have winners and losers, is why people play sports.
  • In a competition, someone has to lose.