Ideas for a Poem

Ideas for a Poem (B2)

My relationship with my dad

Things that peeve me off

My pet frog


The difference between me and you

Dreams (aspirations, goals)

My pitbull

Life (bad vs. good, bad and good)

Losing (a game, my hair, weight, friends, patience, memories)

Other types of dreams (when I’m asleep)

Friends (the one who stabbed me in the back, or the one who stabbed my teacher)

Birds (flu)

Summer . Girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch.

Friday. Where you’re going to sit in a car.

Ideas for a Poem (B3)

My relationship with my dad

What’s on my mind…


Evolution of a crush

Search the unsearchable. Go after …

Love relationship


Your life…Memorable events

My funeral. Who will be there?

Mein Kampf


The problem with Facebook

My sister and I

The house I grew up in

My mid-life crisis

The creepy guy at the end of the street



Ideas for a poem (B4)

My mom

Love – Why I wish I didn’t have a girlfriend in 9th grade

My dad

Is it love? Or just a crush?

My dog.

London. The place I want to be.

A poem about poems.

Jealousy. Friends?

Mucinex. Get the snot (girl) out of your head.


How much I hate math.

Random things. A moon with a smile. A frog that breakdances. An elbow that has no skin but understands the wind.

School. Homework. Stupid teachers who think you don’t have a life outside of school.