Research Topic Ideas

Person: Martin Luther King Jr., Sarah Palin, Tina Fey, William Shakespeare, Tiger Woods, Taylor Swift, Edward (from Twilight), Harry Potter, Phil Jackson, Kurt Cobain, John Stockton, Larry the Cable Guy, Hitler, Steve-O, Elvis, Tim Lincecum.

Group: NASA, The Freedom Writers, SNL, Utah Jazz, The BCS, The Jonas Brothers, The Wu-Tang Clan, Harry Potter series, KKK, The Format.

Movement: Facebook, Twitter, Texting, Women's rights, Civil rights, Gay rights, Vegetarian/Vegan, Legalization of marijuana, Woodstock, Google, Tea Party, Rock N' Roll, Michael Jackson (king of pop).

Event: Chilean miners rescued, Landing on the moon, World War II, The Holocaust, Columbine, John Lennon shot, Obama's inauguration, 1968 Olympics, BYU vs. Utah.