Harlem vs. Highland

Harlem vs. Highland (36)

As we discuss the differences between Harlem, New York and Highland, Utah, take notes. You decide what the page looks like. Write anything you think is important. Think about race, money, jobs, crime, style, music, religion, sports, hobbies, etc.

How would you be different if you were born and raised in Harlem instead of Highland?

Harlem (New York)
Walking in Harlem (125th street)
NYC Subway Singers
Homeless Man sings Adele
Empire State of Mind - kids
NYC from afar
Conan delivers Chinese food
Empire State of Mind 

Highland (Utah)
First World Problems rap
Lost Bet Dance in Provo
Frozen sidewalk in Utah
Car crashes in the snow
Salt Lake Parkour
Splash Pad in Alpine