Your Top 5

Rosie Grace
1: Luigi Vampa-Today 

2: Sampson Roxborough III- A poem about a pond
3: Little Fox Girl- To whom it may concern
4: Agnes Moorehead- The Beauty of Nature
5: Gray Evasion- Mark of Death
Elijah Kimball
1.) SEGAMI RORRIM- How To Fall To the Center of the Universe
2.) You Know
3.) I Gave Her My Heart, She Gave Me A Pen- Breathe
4.) [insertnamehere]- I fear...
5.) Feathers of a Fish- Words 
Priscilla Belle 
Top 5 (or 13)
Peyton Sawyer - You, Me and the Rain
Percival T. Honeybee - Grand Theft Poetry (Blog Edition)
June Carter - Match Maker / Dear You 
Suzy Bishop - Secrets are for the lost soul.
Charlie L. Rose - Sincerely
i killed jfk - Letters to Arizona. / Letters to Arizona pt. 2
Things Unsaid - I Lost My Fear Last Night
Hey Miss Carter - Dedication Page Made Out To You.
Patrick Stump - The Moon
Jennifer Clark - My Moon
Little Fox - To whom it may concern
Feathers On a Fish - Words

Jackie O.
Evergreen Girl (Brandon Robbins)
Son to Father (I Killed JFK)

Alis Priddy
amethyst wine
June Carter

Rothko--Everytime I laugh I get heartburn. (Really, though.)

Amethyst Wine--From June

Sarah Smokes--Memories of Living Nightmares

Charlie L. Rose--Message to You

Harold Miner--The Elephant in the Room  

June Carter - Runaway Love

Corinne Bailey Rae
DiMiTRi Snow - Nothing But Us, and the Stars
Midnight Mirage - Write Me a Love Song
Rothko - Faults 
Alec Hardison

Charlie L. Rose
Alis Priddy--I should've gone to bed when I had the chance
i killed jfk--Big blue
pleasefindmehere--Dead Flowers
Jackie O--words for him
Suzy Bishop - Secrets are for the lost soul
Lost and Found - Dead Flowers
Insolence is Bliss - Music in my Head
Devastation Diaries - Bravery
Sandra Reid

Scarlet White
Pleasefindmehere - Wo decided the definition of nature?
Trevor Powers - You.
Suzie Zurflu - nice
I killed jfk - Letters to Arizona pt. 2
Sampson roxborough 111 - where's the beauty in fear...
Priscilla Belle: Do people use glove compartments?
Peter Mckeller: "awesome thank you!"
Tigerlilly: My way of thinking
Tigerlilly: Fears
Archer: Dear Satan,
Isla Kirie 
Top 5...6
The Fail Safe-Baby Steps
Luigi Vampa- If Only you Knew Me
Priscilla Belle-SJY
Canyouseeme-This is for them.
Destiny Preach
(this is in no specific order)
1 ~ Emma Kay - Skinny Girl
2 ~ Brandon Robbins - You're Rare, And I deserve Ordinary
3 ~  Wash your Hands. Use soap. - And God laughed
4 ~ Corinne Bailey Rae - Sometimes I Wonder
5 ~ Rothko - (I didn't want to be your ghost.)

Dean Wolfe
Rothko - About A:
Jackie O - le debut 
Brandon Robbins - Candy Cigarettes
Malcolm Carter - I Lost My Fear Last Night
Alis Priddy - This isn't a break up letter.
Brandon Robbins