Choose a Topic (Checkpoint #1)

Pick something you're interested in.

Pick something that's arguable.

Pick something you haven't figured out yet.

Pick something from the opposing viewpoints website (password: knights). This will ensure that it's arguable. Also, it will make writing your paper easier (because of the resources available: various articles, citing your sources, etc.).

Write your topic on a 3x5 card and turn it in today, 10/29. Include a question or two that you plan to answer. 

Some of the topics you researched:

  • Book banning: protecting young people vs. preparing young people.
  • Poverty: whose job is it to take care of the less fortunate?
  • Students and homework: how much homework is needed?
  • Wealth: do the 1% have too much power/money/influence?
  • Bullying: what are the best ways to stop bullying?
  • Marijuana: should it be legal or not?
  • Smartphones: use in the classroom. Distraction or valuable?
  • Animal Rights: should animals have the same rights as humans?
  • Body Image: how does the media influence girls vs. boys?
  • Junk Food: should schools have junk food vending machines?
  • Twitter: how has Twitter changed news and reporting?
  • Divorce: how does divorce affect children, and ultimately, society?
  • Smoking: why the crap are people still smoking? (they know the dangers)
  • Suicide: what are the best ways to approach and reduce this problem?
  • Online School: what are the benefits/drawbacks compared to traditional school?
  • Adoption: how does this affect the birth mother? 
  • Online Dating: what are the dangers and do they outweigh the benefits?
  • Olympics: just about competition or more about political issues?