a list of risk ideas for that one girl who said she couldn't think of any risks to take because she was really comfortable and things didn't really feel like risks to her

  1. shave your head
  2. die your hair pink
  3. wear a punk hairstyle to school with all black clothes and some fake tattoos
  4. ask Eric Mika out on a date
  5. tell Talon Shumway you've had a crush on him since 3rd grade
  6. in the middle of Physics, yell out "We're all going to be dead soon!"
  7. hold hands with The Knight statue for an entire lunch period, pretending that he is your boyfriend and you've been madly in love since the 17th century
  8. crawl to all of your classes
  9. call your grandma just to say you love her
  10. write an anonymous note and give it to one of your friends (a nice note)
  11. post your opinion on the comments section of an online KSL article
  12. walk to your classes with your eyes closed
  13. during lunch...
    1.  sit somewhere else
    2. go somewhere you've never gone
    3. have a silent dance party in the commons
    4. tell 20 strangers how pretty their eyes are
    5. propose to a boy you've never met
    6. pretend to fly as you walk through everyone
    7. make blowfish faces on the library window for at least 10 minutes
    8. pretend to take a nap next to The Knight
    9. join random groups and laugh at whatever they're saying
    10. fall on purpose
  14. skip to all of your classes
  15. wear a jersey and backwards hat to school and say "yo" and "knowhatimsayin" throughout the day
  16. ask your teachers about their love lives ("tell us about your first crush/first kiss/first wife")
  17. hold strangers' hands
  18. tell 50 random people that you think you might love them
  19. close your eyes and point to someone, then ask him out on a date
  20. practice a speech/poem/performance in front of a hallway mirror