Speak Quiz #2

You've probably clicked on this because you were absent 12/10 (A) or 12/11 (B).

We completed Speak Quiz #2 in class.

Be sure you've read p. 130-137 in Speak and you know what happened at the party.

Complete the quiz and turn it in to the basket TOMORROW (whenever that is)...

1. What happened at the party? Summarize the circumstances surrounding that night. Who’s to blame for what happened? Support your position. (5 points; 1/2 page)

2. Many people are in the position to help Melinda: friends, parents, teachers. (Before, during, and after the party.) Imagine yourself in their shoes. What actions could you take to help Melinda? (5 points; 1/2 page)

3. Speak deals with serious issues such as rape, abuse, depression, and suicide. Should this book be read in high school? Support your position. (10 points; full page)