The following are titles of poems read at Speak for Yourself 2012.

River Runs Deep
(Untitled) 2 Girls > One doesn't like me, one doesn't.
Words on a paper by themselves can only go as far as words on a paper
(Untitled) He needs a set of tools
If I could change one thing about me
Wind-up Mind
(Untitled) I stand still on a train station platform
Barbie Doll
Satellites and Space Dust
I always wanted to be a rain dancer
Dear Nelson
The Piano Man
How to Fry a Fish
(Untitled) I can still _____ the burning cigarette
Stiff World
(Untitled) I am thinking all the time
(Untitled) My opinions are black and white in a world full of colors
The Funeral Director
A Perfect World
This is War
Love's Forsaken Me
Power Grids
(Untitled) Is everybody in?
Sweet Corners
I used to want to be a writer