The Intro Paragraph (The Very Basic Version)

Example prompt:
Research shows that students who do homework each school night generally do better in school. Therefore, the teachers at your school have decided to require one hour of homework each night for each student. Your task is to write an essay to the teachers in which you take a clear position on the question of required homework. Your essay should include at least three reasons that support or defend your choice. Your essay should be organized and well developed.

Nobody likes going to the dentist. Every visit seems to involve pain, or at least some pretty intense scraping. Why do we go, then? We go because even though it’s uncomfortable, it’s ultimately in our best interests. The same could be said for homework. No one loves the idea, but down the line its positives outweigh its negatives, even if it’s required. Some students and parents believe our school's proposal to require an hour of mandatory homework would be unfairly burdensome. However, one hour of required homework each night would actually be beneficial to students because it would keep them on top of their subjects, give them an incentive to learn independently, and create good work habits for the future.
-- The Hook: Opening. Makes reader want to keep reading. Gets your attention.
-- What/ So What: Give background information on your topic. Why are you talking about this? 
-- The Thesis: your opinion. What you’re going to talk about in the essay.