Tips on doing today's assignment

Tips on doing today's assignment by Kyle Nelson
Get people's attention. Your opening should hook readers in. Make them want to keep reading. You only get 200-300 words, so make them count.
Break up your text. Don't just write one big paragraph, that's intimidating to a reader. Instead, break up your writing into paragraphs or sections. Not only does it make it easier to read, but it also makes certain lines stand out.
Like this one.
Worry about grammar. Worry about spelling. Re-read what you write and make sure it makes sense. The first draft of everything don't just give us the first draft. We're going to the writing lab today, but you don't have to submit your article until Tuesday night at 11:59pm. Make sure it's good. That girl/boy you like might read it.
Omit needless words. This is more effective than inserting needed words. That means you should write more than you need the first time. Enough that you actually get across what you want to say about your topic. Then check the word count and see how much you have to cut.
Google your topic and read a few articles. It will give you more to say.
Write in Microsoft Word. Do NOT write in the online submission box. Not only will Word count the words, it will spell-check as well. That doesn't mean it will catch everything, though. Microsoft can't fix stupid. Have someone else read your article before you submit it. You'll thank me later.
Finally, don't be afraid to write in your own voice. This isn't a research paper. But it isn't a journal entry either. I want good writing. Have fun and prosper.
When you finish, highlight the text and copy/paste it into the online submission box.
And wait for the response.