Reflection (Racism 2.0)

In class 11/1 (A), 11/2 (B) I asked students to reflect on the past few lessons about race. What were the past few lessons like for you? What did you agree with, disagree with?

Write at least one page. 

You can e-mail me ( or just bring in a handwritten page.

Here are some of the topics/ideas that we discussed:

Racism 1.0 vs. 2.0  (individual vs. system)
“We channeled our hate to love for rare and migratory birds.”
Young + Black + X = guilty/suspicious
“Do I look suspicious?” (DWB, Trayvon)
Statistics (Poverty, College, Median Income, Prison, etc.)
Bike Thief or Lost Key?
White Privilege
Rodney King, LA Riots
 Here are some questions:

Were you ever uncomfortable?
What questions do you still have?
What did you agree with?
What did you disagree with?
Any a-ha moments?