A letter from myself (8 months from now)

Dear Kyle,

Relax. Why do you get so worked up about things? Don't sweat the small stuff, bro. Just enjoy it. You have a good group of sophomores, I don't know if you can tell that yet. But they've heard good stuff about you and they don't want you to disappoint them. So don't disappoint them. Continue giving them time to read and keep talking about books. They want to want to read (if that makes sense)...so keep giving them the opportunity. Don't freak about about UVU. You'll do fine. It won't be too much. You've been able to juggle for years, and this is no different. Tell Brooklyn you love her every day and listen to Cy and Bo when they tell you about their day. I'm looking at them right now and they've grown up, man. I'm telling you. Some cliches are true. So close your Twitter account. And Facebook too. They are a waste of time. Clean your car more often and get your tires rotated already. I don't know what you're waiting for. Answer the phone when your dad calls and call your mom once in a while. Not just to watch the kids, but to talk. Listen to softer music and read more and go to the movies. You're not going to win your fantasy football league, so quit wasting time worrying about who to start. Tell Rachel how she makes you feel and go on walks and ride your bike together and don't ever forget everything that makes your life so great. And floss more. And throw that #*@! scale out the window.

You (in 8 months)