Extra 5

In addition to the writing prompts we do in class, you need to make up your own writing prompts and do them outside of class. 

For every 10 we do in class, you will do 5 on your own. 

For example: We will do Prompts #1-10 in class and you will need to do Prompts #11-15 on your own. 

Here are some ideas (but really, you can do whatever you want):

· Lost worlds
· Screenplay ideas
· I love doing…
· Perfect plan to rob a bank
· If you could live in any time period
· What animal you look most like
· Most beautiful thing you’ve seen
· Last phone call - who?
· Go back in time
· What you were thinking during birth
· Favorite movies
· What job would animals have?
· If we could stand on clouds
· Why do men have nipples?
· An idea for a movie
· What do you not want to do when you’re older?
· How you would rob a bank
· Sincere letter to toilet
· What inventors will come up with in the future?
· Failed class in school?
· Lost toys
· Best way to kill/die/torture
· Daily thoughts
· Childhood games
· Why is toe hair so sensitive?
· There are other fish in the sea
· Untied shoes
· What do I wish my life was like?
· Unreal heroes
· What do you want to accomplish before graduating?
· Letters to Elaine
· Best night ever…
· Work
· If I ruled the world...
· If I were the president
· Fast food
· Where will you be in __ years?
· Disabled…
· Chick-filled Atlanta, Georgia
· Headstone
· Poems
· What would you do if you had unlimited money?
· Bucket list
· Worst ways to die
· New invention
· Favorites list
· The greatest summer ever would be…
· Song lyrics
· If I had to live in a different country
· Dreams
· Character sketches
· My married life
· Quotes
· My favorite childhood memory
· Baby names
· A bunch of words describing you
· If I had to live in a third world country…
· Complaint box
· Goals
· What would happen to my life if…
· Signatures
· Dear self…
· I should do…
· My favorite candy
· Chances
· If I could change the world I would…
· Places
· Utopia
· Life as a cartoon
· Does the world shape us, or do we shape the world?
· Vacations
· Child's point of view
· Ideal proposal
· White board
· Cliques switched
· Perfect crimes
· How to lose a guy in 10 days
· Treasure or trash?
· Hiking
· If I had a million dollars
· Bash a movie
· A day in the life of an 80 year old
· In the mirror. What do you see?
· Star gazing
· Fly on the wall
· Explain to aliens
· Which bender are you?
(Air, Water, Fire, Earth)
· Describe a stereo type (use real people)
· Create your own world
· First day of my life
· First day of school
· Earliest memory
· Life as a gangsta…
· If I ever put it in words…
· What if you were the opposite sex?
· Something you hate
· Tons of questions
· How water is made
· Spoons
· A vacations to a place the doesn’t exist
· Talking to strangers
· Scary story form a monster's point of view
· Story of thing (a creature)
· A little world where everything is small and a big world where everything is big
· The dog days are over
· If I could rule the world
· Stupid jobs
· Sports
· If I was high…
· Perfect date
· If I had a time machine…
· Super powers
· Difference in dreams and nightmares, what happens in each?
· Road trips
· Goals
· What if you could do magic?
· Pet peeves
· When I grow up…
· What would you change about yourself?
· Would you rather…