18 Things

1. He’s afraid of spiders – his wife (or son) kills them at his house
2. He loves romantic comedies – like Juno, Sweet Home Alabama, etc.
3. He hates it when people draw on him – but it’s ok if he draws on himself
4. He has a quick temper – especially when playing Madden
5. He cries easily – movies, songs, books, even freakin’ commercials
6. His dad used to be his hero – he still thinks he's cool, but…
7. He taught himself how to juggle and how to tie a tie
8. He’s done a back flip and an aerial off a 30-foot cliff
9. He's very political, yet he's never voted
10. He thinks he’s different than everyone else
11. He bites his nails and chews on pens
12. He never tried out for a basketball or baseball team
13. He gave up a job he hated (45k) for a job he loves (30k)
14. He can jump the wake on a wakeboard
15. He doesn’t like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or nearly anything science fiction
16. He earned a 2.5 GPA in High School and a 3.9 GPA in college
17. He’s written a screenplay, several stage plays, and numerous sports articles for local newspapers
18. He liked his wife before she ever liked him