My List

Example: Your kiss is on my list. A new pair of shoes. Milk's on my list. IBC Root Beers. Madden 2010. Cy. Bo. I can't forget little Brooklyn Rae. A new AP jersey. No, a Harold Miner jersey. No, a #80 Vikings jersey with NELSON on the back. Yeah, that's on my list. A new pen. One that writes the first time, every time. A moleskine notebook. A mac. A pair of Jordans. Some new socks are always on my list. A few books. Lots of books. Movies. Funny stuff. Dramatic stuff. Any romantic comedy on the shelf. Creamy peanut butter. Hot dogs and buns. Pepsi! Oh my gosh, Pepsi. I can't believe I almost forgot Pepsi. Ben Folds Five. Jurassic Five. A snowblower. A basketball hoop. A comfortable chair. Peace and quiet. A bright light. Some comfortable headphones and a relaxing song. No, a tear-down-the-walls, till-the-day-that-I-die-you'll-never-say-that-I'm-not-killin'-em, Rockwilder, What-time-is-it, tell-your-boyfriend-if-he-says-he's-got-beef-that-I'm-a-Vegeterian-and-I-ain't-effin-scared-of-him ANTHEM! No, a relaxing song. And let's have another Pepsi. A soft grey sweatshirt. A babysitter and two tickets to The Blind Side at 7:00. A medium rare sirloin from Texas Roadhouse, that's on my list. Lower bowl tickets to the Jazz game. Summer nights. A quiet back yard in the shade on a hot day. Love. Happiness. Friendship. Tolerance. World peace. And maybe another Pepsi.