Fictional Introduction

My name is Don Corleone. People call me The Godfather. I was born in Italy, but I live in New York. My family is very close. The Corleones are one of the five most powerful families in New York. We run this town. People don't mess with me. If you mess with me, you'll wake up with a horse's head in your bed. Or you'll be sleeping with the fishes.

I love to write. Despite my tough exterior, I'm really just a softy. My true passion is poetry. I love to go out in the garden and frolic and sit in the shade with a strawberry lemonade and write poetry. Sonnets, haikus, free verse. I just love poetry. Evocative. Lyrical. Stuff that makes you think. And if you make fun of me, I'll take you down. If you look at me funny, I'll take you down. I'll take your whole family down. On that note, here's a poem I wrote last night:

Never go against the family
Just don't
If you do, I promise you
I will slaughter you
If I have to
Just don't.

The sun don't shine on days I get betrayed

If you ask me for something
I'll give it
But you owe me.

As men, our words are our bonds
Someone give me a strawberry lemonade.


Thank you for reading. I'm really excited to take this Creative Writing class. Nelson seems like a cool teacher. I don't get most of his jokes. But I like how he makes a fool of himself in front of a bunch of strangers. I think he drinks on the job.